Nursing Skills Lab

Lab Classes

Nursing students at Care Hope College will take their lab courses in one of two simulation classrooms, allowing them the chance to learn new skills and immediately put them into practice.


Currently, we  are equipped with four hospital beds and have four mannequins in which two are the latest model of the cutting-edge LaerdalĀ© manikins on the market, in both adult and Ob/Peds varieties. In some courses, students will also practice their new skills on each other in a simulated patient care setting.


Laboratory classrooms are limited in size to ensure that students get the attention and experience they need to effectively master critical nursing skills. Classes are capped at 25 students, but are generally much smaller.   This makes for an average of about 8-10  students each session. Lab classes taken in the simulation classrooms last from 2 hours each over a period of 15 weeks, during which students are taught new skills by instructors and then given a chance to practice them on the simulation manikins or each other.