Fundamentals of Nursing

This course builds on the concepts and principles taught in Nursing Roles I and introduces basic nursing skills and techniques based on the roles and values of nursing within a nursing process framework.

Nursing skills are developed, applied and practiced in the nursing skills laboratory. Technology is used to reinforce application of content through patient care scenarios.


This course examines nursing theory and practice in pharmacology in the health care setting. The focus is upon the application of concepts to assist individuals to meet their goals and challenges across their lifespan. This course introduces the study of drugs, drug standards and legislation, and is designed to provide the nursing students with a basic background of drug classifications, actions, dosages, and side effects. A variety of nursing practice settings will be explored. Learning experience will be provided which relates mental health, geriatric, community health concepts and medical and surgical patient issues. This course includes basic drugs and reviews the mathematical computations that are necessary for safe administration in the clinical setting. Drug therapy will be integrated throughout the curriculum. Students will demonstrate safe techniques of medication administration in the skills laboratory prior to administering medications in the clinical area. Emphasis will be on the care of the aging adult whose normal lines of defense have been invaded by stressors to the degree that hospitalization in secondary or extended care facilities may be necessary.