NUR315 Nursing Theory

Course Description: The NUR315 Nursing Theory course introduces the student to various nursing theoretical concepts relevant to the care of the client and practice of nursing. The student will review application of theory and gain appreciation to the professional role and function of nursing care as well as inter-professional relationship skills.


Rationale: To prepare undergraduates to critique, evaluate, and utilize appropriate theories within their specific fields of practice.  Practice that incorporates nursing and related theories enables RN to BSN nurses to develop and implement a comprehensive and holistic approach to care in all phases of a dynamic healthcare system.


Prerequisites: PHI260, AP202, ENG201, HGD120, MCB120, SPH105, SOC102, NU112, STA117, HUM102


Course Student Learning Outcomes:

1.        Explain the evolution of nursing theories

2.        Describe the various nursing philosophies

3.        Describe nursing conceptual models

4.        Explain nursing theories

5.        Describe middle range nursing theories

6.        Describe the future of nursing theory


Measurable Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

o    Understand the primary uses of theory in the formulation and development of knowledge.

o    Evaluate and critique nursing and related theories and discuss how they relate to nursing practice.

o    Explain the role of research regarding the validation of theory and conceptual models.

o    Identify issues that impact implementation of theory and their effect on patient outcomes and quality of care.

o    Differentiate between grand theory and middle theory and discuss relevance to nursing practice.

o    Discuss/evaluate selected philosophical positions, issues and problems critical to development of nursing knowledge.

o    Articulate how selected theoretical models related and apply to actual personal practice experiences and a holistic and comprehensive approach to nursing practice.

o    Compare/contrast/evaluate secular theories/models.

Teacher: Allison Sapp