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40 Hours (30 Hours Didactic, 10 Hours Lab)

The course examines the human life cycle from infancy through old age.  Emphasis will be placed on the psychological development of the human being and the factors influencing placed on the psychological development of the human being and the factors influencing changes that occur during each life stage.  This course will examine the biological, sociological, psychological and other factors that affect human growth and development.  Special emphasis will be placed upon the role of the family and its place in human growth and development, especially as it related to health and wellness.

15 Hours (12 Hours Didactic, 3 Hours Lab)

This course is offered to assist students who are preparing for careers in the practical nursing field.  Students completing this course will explore current issues in the field of vocational nursing, as well as employability skills.  The importance of professional/personal communication will be stressed for both gaining and maintaining professional relationships in the nursing field.

15 Hours (15 Didactic)

this course will examine the legal issues confronting nurses in professional practice.  There will be an analysis of ethical implications on legal issues.  Subjects ranging from malpractice, negligence, and patient care will be discussed.  The student will also learn defensive practice strategies and litigation prevention as a part of this course.  This course builds upon and reinforces knowledge and skills introduced in Health Careers Crore.

(FDOE CF: Performance Standards 2, a-m and ;12, a-c;24;a-g)

15 Hours (12 Didactic, 3 Lab)

This course is designed to give a practical knowledge of good nutrition as applied to health and disease throughout the life span.  Emphasis is placed on promoting good nutrition and the concept of planning modified diets on the basis of the nutritionally adequate normal diet.