HCC101 Basic Health Core

This Course includes:

HCC101- Basic Health Core

PN1004- Human Growth and Development

PN1005- Personal Communication

PN1006- Legal Aspects of Practive

PN1007- Nutrition

This course provides an overview of the health care delivery system. Content will include health occupations, roles and responsibilities of the health care team, consumer rights, legal and ethical guidelines, communication skills, safety and security procedures, infection control and knowledge of blood borne diseases. This course and lab also includes current nutritional concepts, application to health promotion and disease prevention. Therapeutic diets, resources, cultural diversity and key elements to consider for food serving preparation and storage are taught. The importance of nutrition to the human body and its functions throughout the life cycles is taught. Examination to theories, concepts, and trends related to human life cycle from birth to death. Emphasis will be placed on physical, psychosocial, emotional and cognitive development of the individual, including factors influencing changes that occur during each life stage.


PN1002 Medical Terminology

This course introduces prefixes, suffixes, and word roots used in the language of medicine.  Topics include medical vocabulary and the terms that relate to the anatomy, physiology, pathological conditions, and treatment of selected systems.

PN1003 Anatomy and Physiology

Introduction to anatomy and physiology has three unifying themes: the relationship between physiology and anatomy, the interrelationship among organs and systems and the relationship of each organ system and homeostasis. This course is organized by body systems in a sequence to facilitate understanding as well as to correlate with other courses.