The program is designed to provide students with extensive and comprehensive training in body structure and the functions of the various body systems. Students will develop a working knowledge of specimen collection and various laboratory procedures to include infection control, EKG, injections, and sterilization. Students will also learn proper techniques in assisting in minor surgical procedures and preparation of patients for diagnostic tests.

The Program prepares students to be multi-skilled allied health professionals specifically cross- trained in different areas of patient care, which include clinical, laboratory, administrative and basic radiology procedures. As a medical assistant, you perform a wide range of duties for instance medical and surgical asepsis, taking vital signs, assisting physician with examinations and surgery, drawing blood, administering ECGs and administering medications. Administrative duties include patient reception, appointment scheduling, recordkeeping, filing, coding, insurance handling, typing medical correspondence and computer applications. Laboratory functions include specimen collection, performance of basic laboratory tests, and basic procedures.

Day Classes - 6 Months (24 Weeks)
Evening Classes – 9 Months (36 Weeks)